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Computer and Laptop Repairs

Desktop and laptop repairs shop in Kalwa. Also Desktop and Laptop parts and accessories available at an wholesale price. To enquire call us on 9768388275 / 8286522028 / 92217 19107 / 8928777582.


Build Local Area Network ie LAN at your office or shop. WiFi router connection at your home or office. We can fix your WiFi performance and coverage issues so you can enjoy a good connection wherever you are.

Back-up Solutions

Backup your important data so that when things crash, you don't lose anything important stored on your systems. Talk to us about the options available to you.

Computers Upgrade

Desktop is running slow or Computer is Dead. Want to Upgrade your PC , To enquire call us on 9768388275 / 8286522028 / 92217 19107 / 8928777582.

Manage Services

Take a pro-active approach to your computer maintenance and security with our managed service plans where we take care of everything!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Warranty of new products has to be claim from their respective service center.
  2. Software and Data in the Laptop & Desktop are the client responsibility.
  3. No warranty & guarantee for repair products.
  4. No warranty & guarantee for any software problem.
  5. Please collect your repair or unrepair goods within 15 days after notification or the product will be scrap without further notice.
  6. Kindly bring the receipt while collecting the product.
  7. Goods once sold will not be refunded or return.
  8. If the parts availability are getting delayed more than a month then either you have to take your product back as product is in situation or wait till the time part is getting available.